Music Ministry

As one of the more visual ministries, we’re thankful and feel it’s a privilege to be in a position to share Gods word through song and through dance. We are blessed to be involved in many of the programs and services here at our church.

Our goals coincide with that of our church. To evangelize and disciple the nations. To live the life we sing about, according to God’s word. To be led by God to lead His people in musical worship. We’re striving to make ourselves available to God to give us all we need to connect people to Jesus. Though we are a music ministry, we put the ministry first in our hearts. We understand that no matter how good we think we sing, play or sound, it’s nothing without the Holy Spirit or His anointing.

We have several music groups to cover most of the styles, genres and demographics of Holy Spirit lead musical worship. Our music ministry features our Sanctuary Choir, praise team, Glorious (praise dance), Men’s Chorus, youth group, children’s choir and a five piece band.

We are still looking and praying for those that are led by the Holy Spirit to join us as we continue to strive to be a light in our community. It is our honor to serve here at Mt. Zion and beyond.